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For the past several months, we’ve been in transition.

Transition full of excitement as we anticipated this next chapter.

Transition full of sadness as we said good-bye to the life we knew.

Through each moment of this transition, God has been faithful. His mercies new every morning; His love made real in the lives of new co-workers and friends. We’re thankful for the glimpses of grace to keep us going when we miss friends and family and all that we knew as “our previous life”. These moments are reminders that God led us here and will not let us go.

I’m don’t know where you are today. You may be, like us, in transition. Maybe you’re feeling the weight of the impending ministry season. Even if everything is perfect and the world is your oyster. Be reminded that God is here and with you. Trust Him. Be still and know that He is who He says He is and can be trusted no matter what.

Take a break: I’m reading Blaine Hogan’s new book Untitled. In the book, he mentioned this video “Be Here Now” from the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit from 2010. I just watched it. You need to watch it too. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a fitting reminder to know where we need to be: Here. Knowing that God is with us too.

BE HERE NOW from blaine hogan on Vimeo.

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