I was just doing my morning rounds when a preschool volunteer comes towards me, hands dripping with blood. “Taye fell, and he’s bleeding pretty bad.”

Cue adrenaline rush.

Sure enough. It’s bad, emergency room bad.

I run and find Jenna. I pull her out of church and tell her what’s happening. By the time we get back, the bleeding has slowed down and Taye is resting pretty quietly. We’re trying to figure out what to do with the other kids, who should stay, how we’ll make this work. We just keep moving towards the door, but first we take him over to one of our kidmin welcome centers. One of our key hospitality volunteers is a surgeon who thankfully was serving this week. We just wanted him to bandage up Taye so we can take him to the ER without a mess in the car.

And he offers to take us to his office and stitch him up.

Fifteen minutes later, we’re in his office and Taye is getting all put back together. Taye was a rock star and took it all in stride. The doctor was gentle and the perfect person to care for Taye.

Let me just say, this volunteer of ours is my new hero. He saw a need and without even questioning his instincts jumped to help, saving us a ton of time and money. He didn’t have to do this. He could have let us go off to the ER, but he didn’t. His generosity flowed naturally. He reminded me that our God generously has it all under control.

We fret and worry when the “bad things happen” and wonder what God is doing. Thankfully, God is reminding me over and over again that I can trust him no matter what. I don’t have to worry, because even our “worst moments” don’t catch him unaware. He’s using them to help us learn more about himself and where we fit into his plan. Today was a testimony that God has our back.

Why should I fear? Why should I worry?

I shouldn’t. God is in control and working out my life better than I could ever dream.

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