This is Liam’s “small” group this past Saturday night…

Liam's "small" group on Saturday night

…yeah, it’s not small. Typically small groups in our kids’ rooms are about 8-12 kids.

That is not 8-12.

I’m so thankful for volunteers like “Mr. Fred” who has 20+ kids captivated on a Saturday night. He’s gone above and beyond each Sunday or Saturday night for the past 3 years always having HUGE groups of boys like this. I’m thrilled that Liam is under his care now!

And since I’m talking about awesome volunteers…

We had our last full-blown leader training for the fall today.

Leader Training...

We’ve got few who couldn’t make it, but pretty much the last third of our volunteers showed up. The vibe was great! I love seeing people excited to do God’s work in the church. It takes roughly 550 “Mr. Fred’s” to make our three kid’s environments happen each week. I’m thankful for each and every one of them. We’ve got amazing people working for something larger than themselves! They make my job look easy as they care for all the kids and the families of Ada Bible Church. God is doing some amazing things here; it’s thrilling to be a part of His work.

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