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Liam turned 5 today. How crazy is it that I have a FIVE YEAR OLD?! Seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the hospital amazed that God saw fit to give me a son.


Everyday I’m blown away by his insight and love for life. He lives with full force and enjoys every minute!


He is his own man and does as his heart feels is right. Sometimes this gets him into trouble…sometimes it is downright touching…. His mind blows me away. I’m not sure how he comes up with what comes out, but from solving simple math to inventing engineering brilliance, his mind is in constant motion….


He’s all boy. Can throw and hit a baseball like the best of them… and enjoys the extreme rides on his scooter and skateboard. His imagination takes him from race tracks to pirate ships to Gotham City and back.

Happy Birthday Liam!!

Everyday, I’m more thankful for Liam. He continues to teach me more about life and myself as he comes into his own and figures out more about himself. I love him! Happy Birthday, Buddy!


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