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Going into April and our God to the Rescue initiative, we knew that we were going to spend a concentrated time talking about salvation and what it means to follow Jesus.

The main aspect of “Going Orange” is partnering with parents. When parents and small group leaders and storytellers all use the same vocabulary, there is a greater chance that kids will understand the message we present.

With all that in mind, I filmed a podcast for parents and leaders in hopes that we can all talk about Jesus and salvation working off the same page.

salvation podcast – parents from dan scott on Vimeo.

We also created a few documents that parents can download:

ABC’s of Salvation and FAQ

How to Write Your Faith Story

We anticipate God’s movement in our families’ lives. While we do what we can, we also realize that nothing is possible without His help. Prayer has been a constant. So much could go wrong, words could get confusing, but in prayer we know that God has gone before us and will make something beautiful from our efforts. On the other side, we’ll celebrate and share the stories of His faithfulness.

How have you partnered with parents on this subject? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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