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Started my work day as I usually do, skimming through my Google Reader to see if there is that ONE article that might jump-start my day. Low and behold the ever brilliant Margaret Feinburg had words that did just that.

“Those who have the greatest influence are those who make the journey with us and that includes face to face time, not just screen to screen time.”

In the world of Twitter, Facebook, et all, we count our number of friends and followers. We think that our large number means we have influence. In reality though, we’re fooling ourselves. Margaret is 100% correct, we influence people with whom we live life.

In children’s ministry, this is the absolute power of small group leaders. People who commit a season (or seasons) of their life to invest into the next generation of Jesus followers. This is not a passive influence. Small group leaders promote a relationship that walks alongside each child in their groups. They know about family and school life, what kids enjoy and dislike. Small group leaders take time to really KNOW their kids.

That is real influence.

These kidmin volunteers are not just leading kids in activities. They are another Christian voice in a child’s life helping them navigate what comes their way. It’s a huge responsibility. It’s a calling.

In your churches, celebrate the small group leaders in your family ministry. Make sure they know how much the matter to your ministry. They are having a HUGE impact on the next generation of the church.

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