This afternoon I leave for a six-day trip to Tirane, Albania. When ReThink asked me to go, my first question was literally, “Where’s Albania?” They didn’t even know, so we went to Wikipedia to find out: Albania is across from Italy and next to Greece.

I’ll be working with an organization with a huge heart for the global, next-generation of the church: One Hope. Their vision: that EVERY child on the globe would hear the Gospel by 2030. Incredible! I’m blessed beyond blessed to serve on behalf of Orange to help them in this endeavor. They are currently serving in 85 countries, and are growing that number each year.

One Hope loves thinking Orange. They realize that child evangelism can’t stop with the child but must reach into the home as well. We’re excited to help them get started and turn Albania Orange!

I’ll be training children’s pastors, staff, and volunteers how to implement 252Basics elementary curriculum in both the capital city (Tirane) and a more rural area as well. I don’t have a definitive schedule quite yet, but it doesn’t matter. I’m so excited to learn more about the culture and see how Orange fits into the greater strategy of One Hope.

I will have some access to Wifi throughout my trip, so I will try to keep you updated as I can. Please pray that this trip goes well, but that most importantly leaders get the right tools to build relationships with kids that will ultimately lead them to Jesus.

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