As parents, Jenna and I are new to the homework thing. At the beginning of September Liam’s teacher sent home this task list for the month. The page has all sorts of activities, many of which can be more like games that you can play outside. This is a plus for Liam who is stereotypically nature boy. We had a month to finish all of these.

The tasks...

I haven’t taught in a school classroom in over eight years. Working with Liam, I forgot the great feeling that comes from students catching on to what’s being taught. Liam is a science/math guy. Even as a 5 year old, we can see his strengths coming through. He’s been working on the alphabet and writing letters. He can virtually do multiplication but has a difficult time with remembering the letter “H.” Yep, he’s a boy!

working hard...

All month we’ve been working through the task sheet. Jenna and I have worked hard at making this as much fun as possible, going as far as drawing letter in dry-instant grits on cookie sheets. (Great for tactile learners by the way!) Last night, we worked really hard on nailing the alphabet. Here his is finishing the final task on the sheet: writing the capital letters of the alphabet. This was simply a HUGE moment for him. The smile on his face was priceless.

just about done..

He knew what a cool moment this was. Here he is putting the finishing touches on that letter “Z.”

getting it...

Doing homework with Liam has been a great bonding experience for us. We’ve worked through the struggles and celebrated the victories. I’m looking forward to a great next few years of late night (for him) homework with Liam. He seems to do his best work at night… yep, just like me again.

I’m new at this. I may have been an elementary school teacher, but I’m still new at the parenting side of education. I’d love to hear your insights about how you help your children with their school work…

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