A few weeks ago I was at the library and spotted a “newish” Caedmon’s Call album. It might have been out for a long time, but I haven’t listened to the band in ages. I used to be a huge fan, so I picked it up; after all it was the library, and a free listen is a free listen. I was working on a design project with the album playing in the background. Nothing grabbed my attention when suddenly I heard the minor chords and the simple hook. This song was different. This song was honest.

I heard these lyrics:

“Jacob wrestled the angel, but I’m too tired to fight.”

“Won’t you hold the light for me.”

“And I stay up late because I cannot sleep. I don’t want to face the quiet where it’s just God and me.”

Finally, the song climaxed in this sweeping bridge where the songwriter cried out…

“I want to feel redemption flowing through my veins. I want to see with clear eyes beyond lust and hate. I want the war to be over,
and know the good guys won, and I want love to hold me to know I’m not alone.”

I started the song over and listened to it a few times through. I soon realized the song was about accountability and a beautiful petition for help in the midst of life’s struggles. The song is just good.

I know that I write about community and these guys a lot, but I post this now because this morning I was reminded why I meet with my group (almost) every Wednesday. I’m thankful for guys who know me.  These are guys who continually “Hold the light for me…” and help keep me sane through life as it comes. They challenge me to be a better husband and father, a better follower of Jesus. We’ve walked through incredible events and situations and use each other as sounding boards for pending conversations. We can VENT in safety. We encourage each other to work hard and live well. I simply couldn’t do life without them.

The question is obviously cheesy after a post like this, but nonetheless the question is a good one: Who’s holding the light for you? Who could?

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