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I’m not sure when this started. But somewhere along the road Liam invented the nightly tradition of head-pets. This is exactly how it sounds. He likes to have his head scratched while he’s starting to sleep. He doesn’t necessarily close his eyes but doesn’t say a word. He just lays there and totally chills out. Sure, after Jenna or I leave the room he may get up and read or play for a little bit before totally heading to sleep. But he needs to start off with head-pets.

Last night as I was coming to get him into bed, he ran to me and jumped in my arms. He asked for a hug and a kiss as we made it to his room. As I was throwing him onto his bed, he laughed and said with a grin “head pets.”

The kids had been wild. I was frustrated. Head pets were literally the last thing I wanted to do tonight.

But I obliged. Immediately we both calmed down. I started to pray for him, for our family, for Taye. He brought his hands together and sort of bowed his head. I could have cried. We shared a moment that we both needed.

I needed to remind myself never to pass on moments like this. After all, I know there will be a day very soon from now when “head-pets” will be a thing of the past and completely embarrassing to discuss in front of girlfriends… which I promise will be put to good use as blackmail someday!

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