These past few weeks have been a blur. Life has been happening with hardly a moment to process it all. Yet, sitting down for just a minute last night I realized that even in the blur of life, God is growing me and shaping me into the person he desires. I’m finding it’s possible to find focus in the blur that is my life right now.

In a brainstorm of sentences, here’s what I’m seeing:

Deconstruction is a good thing… Especially if what’s being reconstructed in its place is better than expected.

Pray for the little things and watch God work. He does, and He will.

God’s timing is more perfect than mine. Why can’t I remember that?

Ministry is about team work, whether you’ve known your team for five years or five minutes.

Talking about Jesus to junior highers for a week is good for your faith.

Each sentence needs an entire post to unpack what’s going through my head. Hopefully in the next few days (or weeks) I’ll be able to write down my thoughts and share them. For now I rest in the fact that God is at work even when life is crazy. I need to create more space to notice what he’s doing.

How do you create space to breathe in the midst of the blur?

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