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Listening to Liam start "Happy Birthday"

Milestones are important. They not only culminate a journey finished, but they also anticipate the road not yet traveled. Milestones are a chance to reflect and respond.

Over the weekend we celebrated Addison’s fourth year of life from morning until night. Family called from out-of-town. We had special meals and desserts, card and presents. We prayed thanking God for the blessings of this past year and asked those be continued in the year ahead. Each element was designed with her in mind.

While the milestone was definitely created to celebrate Addison, I have to say that the milestone spoke very much to me. The day gave me a chance to reflect over the past four years since Addison joined our family. God has brought us through a lot of life in that time: travel, getting out of car debt, adoption, depression, marriages, births, deaths and everything in between. I’m thankful that in creating a special day for Addison we were able to relive the stories of moments that brought us here, moments of God’s richest blessings and continued faithfulness.

We often see milestones in terms of child dedications, salvation celebrations, rites of passage and graduations. However, birthdays are a significant milestone in our lives. We should treat them as such and take a day to honor each other.

We need more milestones in life to remember the moments that make us who we are. If we don’t, we may mis their significance and perhaps even forget to thank Him who brought us through.

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