Rosie's Diner

I’m a Jersey boy. Sure I disguise myself every day as a Michigander, but deep inside my Jersey roots run deep. So deep in fact that I import Taylor Ham (pork roll), NY Mets paraphernalia for Liam, Black & White Cookies, and listen to and enjoy Bon Jovi way too much for my Indie street cred to handle.

Jenna already blogged about this at Quite E-Musing. But yesterday, we got a REAL diner fix at Rosie’s, the famous diner that was imported to Rockford, MI.


We had a great family time sitting in a round booth upholstered with vintage red vinyl. Our hands got sticky from jelly packets and syrup. And the grease. Oh, the greasy bacon and fried hash-browns! So. Good.

Can’t wait to go back!

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