I need words. No really, I need inspiration. I’m a writer, which is I guess what makes writing more difficult, but I should have words right? I don’t have them. I’ve had them before: I don’t have them now. Now, I have thoughts. Random thoughts bouncing all over my head. Thoughts that seem meaningless at this point without the words to give them structure and life.

I need time. Time to allow those thoughts to form into reality. I need an evolution in the best sense of the word. But evolution takes time, and I need time. Evolution won’t do.

I need a creative act. One creative act to remind me that I’m still a writer just without the right words. An artist whose canvas is looking a little blank at this moment in time.

I need paint, a note or two, some clay maybe. Or one word to express the beauty and the life I’m experiencing. Perhaps one word to lament the growing pains of a growing life for which I’m filled with both gratitude and impatience. Or just one word to rejoice at God’s richest blessings which I do not deserve but for which I am so, so grateful.

I need words.

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