Ordinary life is the place where God is running around wishing we would notice him. – Dr. Faith Kirkham Hawkins

When we come to the understanding that nothing in our lives is ordinary, we begin realizing that nothing is “just another…”

Just another job

Just another photo

Just another cup of tea

Just another book

Just another tree

The creative life is one that expectantly awaits inspiration knowing that the muse may overtake you at any moment. Most of us don’t have the luxury of wandering around with eyes wide open, noticing each moment as sacred and holy. But they are. They are the moments in which God speaks in a still small voice reminding us that He is good and all will be well.

As we go about our lives, the Spirit is working to make us more like Jesus who lived an extraordinarily ordinary life. He was a walking miracle worker. But He ate. He slept. He walked. He asked and answered questions. He worked. And with each ordinary moment he redeemed the Fallen and lived the perfect life that set us free. We now work alongside him to help fix the broken.

In sort, this means that our lives are anything but ordinary. They are holy and sacred. They are a part of something so much bigger than us.  All the seemingly ordinary aspects of our day are moments to capture as God’s creativity is on display. We take a cue from the Creator and recreate from all we experience. We need to pay attention to the life happening around us.

Here’s a quick idea to get you started:

Take out a sheet a paper.

At the top of the page write “Things that made me smile today…”

And go. Think back over your day and try to capture each moment you smiled. Choose one of those and expound upon it. Don’t go crazy, try 200 words.

Smiling is reflex because of joy. Smiling can be forced because of obligation. As you write about your moment, you’ll discover something about yourself, perhaps who you are and who you’re trying to be. Maybe you’ll realize that your life brings you much more joy than you first thought.

Don’t live life with a “just another…” point of view. Live your life from the knowledge that everything matters, everything is part of a plan, and everything is sacred.

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