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For the past three weeks I’ve been working at filling out my review for the past year. For the most part I enjoy this process; I don’t mind talking about myself and having some time designated to growing me into a better worker. I know, this sounds like I’m a glutton for punishment. But at the end of the day, I know that my bosses care about me not just as a cog in the system but rather as a whole person.

The updated survey form reflects that intention. I’ve three sections to fill out and choose where I fit on a scale of 1-3 for several statements about how I work and interact with those around me. The rest of the review is anecdotal and much like college entrance applications. Questions range from “What did you enjoy most/least in your job this past year?” to “What in your personal/ministry/family life that is impacting your work? How can we help?”

Those questions are the ones that remind me that my bosses at work care about me. I’m not on my own in ministry. I’ve got a great support structure that is focused on my growth.

I’ve been answering honestly and looking hard at how I’m doing. My job has changed over the past year. I see improvements, but know that I’ve plenty of areas of growth. Being self-aware of my faults isn’t so much fun, but if I’m not honest about them with the people that can actually help me improve, I’m not doing anyone any favors. I’ve learned the hard way that I need to ask for help even if it means showing a weakness. I need to grow and that takes honesty even with people who are my boss.

It is easy in a growing ministry to begin to look more and more like a business. We can think we’re loosing touch with our personal side. We grow and expand and add H.R. regulations. Our reviews could look like this, after all in the corporate world efficiency can trump relationships. However, no matter how large we grow, the goal remains to build relationships and allow ministry leaders to flourish in their work.

The challenge as you grow larger is to grow smaller. I think we’ve done this well at Ada Bible Church. I pray this continues to be the case as growth continues.

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