For my next Thomas Nelson book review installment, I chose this book when there weren’t many up for grabs. I ended up with a Max Lucado gift book, For the Tough Times.

As the title of the book suggests, this book is definitely for those going through a period of life that just doesn’t seem to make sense. While I must admit that I’m not a huge Max Lucado fan, I can’t argue that he is definitely a master at writing words of comfort. He breaks down the book into short chapters that seek to answer questions one might have going through the tough times: Why is God being silent? Why is God allowing these events to come into my life? How can I make it through another day?

This book is certainly not for everyone. However, I’m sure that we all know someone who is facing a difficult time. At times they become a bit cliché, but for the most part Max’s words are reassuring and comforting; he offers hope in the God of the universe who has an intimate plan for each of our lives. This might be just the book for that person we have in mind.

You can find out more about this book at Thomas Nelson.

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