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Easter Eggs!!

Last night after I finished praying for the supper, Ellison stopped us from eating and said, “Dad, you forgot to pray for something important. I’ll pray!” Before I could protest, she proceeded to fold her hands, bow her head and close her eyes and pray very simply…

“Dear Jesus, Thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. Amen.”

She finished off the moment with “Alright, we can eat now!”

Wow. Yeah, that was important to pray. And it was my 4 year old that brought it to our attention.

I love Easter. I love the potential for story and promise told throughout so many great activities with the family. We had loads of fun coloring Easter eggs and going on Easter egg hunts, but my kids came away with so much more. They’re starting to understand why we go to church and pray. They’re beginning to know the Jesus that Jenna and I have chosen to follow. This is sheer joy for a parent, perhaps especially parents who spend their life in church ministry.

I know I work with them every day, but last night I overwhelmed and thankful for amazing volunteers who shared Jesus with my kids. All three of them heard about salvation and their need for a savior in such a creative, relevant way that even a day later Ellison was talking about Jesus, his death and resurrection. I’m not sure how many of our volunteers read this blog, but I have to say…

THANK YOU! Thank you for studying the Scriptures, your lines, your small group activities. Thank you for the investment you make each and every week in the lives of our kids. Please know that they are getting it! They are learning more about Jesus and what it means to follow him. You are a part of building the kingdom of God in the hearts of children, who will become the next generation of the church. Thank you for the love you give them. We parents are thankful more than words could ever express.

Easter Eggs!!

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