One year ago today, we met this little guy for the first time:

Taye coming out with his primary care giver

I remember hardly recognizing him. We’d only seen these staged pictures of him that our agency sent us. He appeared big. In person, he was the opposite. He was small and frail.


He walked out with a lollypop in one hand, his caregiver holding the other with swarms of children cheering and jumping for joy all around him. They were celebrating that Taye’s new Mama and Papa had come to take him home.

And we did…

I could never have guess the sort of impact Taye would have on my life. The reality has been a spread of ups and downs, joys and frustrations. When Taye loves, he does fiercely, giving all of himself. That same tenacity comes into play when he’s angry and stubborn. But through every moment the constant has been love.

Before bringing Taye home, I always saw adoption through the eyes of a child who receives a new name, home, family, care, etc. Now that he’s home and we’ve been together for a year, I’m beginning to see adoption through the eyes of the Heavenly Father.

Our Heavenly Father adopts us, brings us into his family, gives us a new name and the rights of being His. We enter into this new relationship with the baggage of our past, the sin, the hurt and pain of the life we lived apart from a loving Father.

We grow. We bond. We become one with Him and the rest of His family.

Tent Celebration

And in a roller coaster of emotions and action, we forget who our Father is. We begin reverting back to the way we lived without Him.

How this must break our Father’s heart.

However, he continues to love and call us His own, loving us through our  mess, and making us into his likeness.

This year has taught me about God’s love for us. It’s a relentless love that I pray I show to Taye.

Taye has come a long way in the past year. I believe he know that he’s with his forever family. There are still moments we don’t understand, moments that break our heart.

Still, we love.

We love because he is a child of God. We love because he is our child.

Today I’m so thankful to my Heavenly Father who loved us first and gave us the right to become His sons and daughters. I’m thankful for my daily reminder of that in the smile of my son.

Never get sick of Mr. Taye's smile! #fb

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