I’ve been thinking a lot about this new year. 2010 is not a year I’ll soon forget. It was a year of change and growth for me and many others in my community. I anticipate a great year ahead. Yet that doesn’t mean we don’t pray… I feel as though I need to pray with more fervency knowing that when God moves, the Enemy does everything to hinder that movement.

I pray for our entire kidmin community…

Give us dreams worth having and the resources to see those though completion.

Give us a passion that isn’t squelched by the frustrations of ministry.

Direct us to new volunteers you have chosen who are ready to love-on kids fiercely

Give us hearts like yours who see beyond the program to the children who need your love

Open our eyes to see what kids actually need rather than what we want to give them

Open the eyes of our kids to the excitement that is living for You

May we not forget that our ministries are not about us but about glorifying You and bringing kids into a relationship with Jesus.

We anticipate a year filled with stories of your continued faithfulness. We can’t wait to see what You will do through us this coming year.

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