Kidmin | Dr. Seuss and Wonder

This week is the anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Theodor “Seuss” Geisel’s influence goes beyond the classroom and reaches into children’s ministry. This week we’ll take a look at how his thoughts can help us as we approach the Big Story we tell.   Adults are obsolete children. – Dr. Seuss I encountered this phrase […]

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Love in a Mixtape

This post was supposed to go live yesterday, but alas I was hacked. Without further ado, Happy Valentine’s Day… a day late. ______ Last night Jenna and I shared our life-stories at small group. As I was prepping and thinking about high school and all those mixtapes I made for girlfriends, I became inspired to […]

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Kidmin | Celebrating Diversity

When we prepared to bring Taye into our lives, the adoption agency had us go through diversity-training. The idea class being that our once very vanilla family (minus a hip-hop record or twelve) was going to bring a very chocolate child our home. While this was an eye opener to the fact that our lives […]

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2011 in Review | Top 10 Posts

This year was full of transition for the Scott family. Life was busy and blogging was something that did only in my spare time or when the Spirit moved. However, I did manage to get enough posts out to warrant a top 10 list of sorts. Thanks so much for reading my thoughts. I’m always […]

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Leadership | Orange Revolution | 4: The Feedback Loop

“They also implemented a customer business review process to regularly sit in front of more customers than ever before. Ironically, this not only facilitated stronger relationship, but it gave someone else the opportunity to keep score – the customer. and when customer impressions are measured, it can lead to important insights.” When was the last […]

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Leadership | Orange Revolution | 3: Retaining Your Team

Five response areas are more likely to indicate an employee is feeling engaged on his or her team: 1. Overall employee satisfaction 2. Likelihood of employee to recommend employment to a friend 3. Likelihood of employee to recommend the complany’s products and services 4. Likelihood of employee to remain employed at least two more years […]

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Leadership | Orange Revolution | 2: The Team

“…If you get a group of people together who are like-minded, who know they can take a risk and you have their back, you can pretty much make anything happen.”   The authors said this best. I hardly feel like I need to comment. But this is my blog, so I will say something. Know Yourself […]

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Leadership | Orange Revolution | 1: The Dream

This summer as I was transitioning in my role at Orange, I was also reading The Orange Revolution by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. Yes, the book has nothing to do with family ministry, but I like people who “Think Orange” and want to learn from people who want to create forward momentum and positive change.  […]

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Engaging Kidmin Environments | Part 5 | Creating Synergy

We’ve talked about content, delivery, and relationships in an engaging children’s ministry environment. They are each important, but they can’t stand alone. The best environments seek synergy among these efforts. This starts with a set list. When a band performs, they write a set list. They know what songs they’re singing, in what order, and […]

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