This year was full of transition for the Scott family. Life was busy and blogging was something that did only in my spare time or when the Spirit moved. However, I did manage to get enough posts out to warrant a top 10 list of sorts.

Thanks so much for reading my thoughts. I’m always humbled when I see that more people than my wife and family are reading these post. I’m truly grateful for each one of you. 2011 was an incredible year; I expect nothing less of 2012!

1. God to the Rescue – Sam Luce, Gina McClain, Jonathan Cliff, our teams and I wrote an Easter Curriculum that actually didn’t turn out half-bad. This was a great process for us. We learned a lot and had fun! Check it out.

2. Life | Even MORE Orange – One of the biggest events of 2011 was moving down to Atlanta to work for the 252Basics team at Orange. I’m even more Orange than before – even my wardrobe is growing more Orange each time I go shopping!

3. Kidmin | Learning from Zappos – I had a great encounter with Zappos this past year that was too good to keep to myself. I learned how we can add more WOW to our children’s ministries.

4. Kidmin | Next-Level Production Ideas – I’ve enjoyed being able to serve as a stage host for Camp Kid Jam. These people are amazing at what they do. We can all learn from their production ideas.

5. Life | In Transition – Transition was on my mind a lot this past year as you can see from several of these top posts. This post includes an incredible video from Blaine Hogan, Creative Director at Willow Creek Community Church called Be Here Now. It’s a must watch.

6. Life | A List While Leaving – A snap shot of my life during two weeks of transition.

7. Parenting | Abraham and Isaac – Parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m still learning to trust my Heavenly Father each step of this journey.

8. Ministry | Leaving or Staying | Part 5: Leaving – In this post, I gave some ideas on how to leave well. It’s not easy to get out of the way and allow for transitions to run their course, but it’s best for the organization and for you.

9. Kidmin | Leading Creative Teams Workshop – I loved having the opportunity to speak at the Group Kidmin Conference and hang out in Chicago with some of best friends. This is a summary of my breakout along with a link to the Prezi for the talk.

10. Kidmin | Two Words and One Hour – I’m having a great time in my new role with Orange. I’m so thankful for a team of people committed to spending energy to ensure that God is glorified and kids hear the true story of the Gospel.

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