By know you all know that Twitter and I are good friends. Through Twitter I’ve met several people who inspire me to be better at what I do. While I could post dozen of Tweets, i narrowed this list down to those that really meant something significant to my journey this year.

Here are ten of my favorite quotes that I collected throughout 2010:

“Ten years from now….” <– what do you want to see God do in this space? That will reframe your appetite. – @andystanley #cat10 – via @orange leaders

This has been a big year of wondering about the future. I feel as though at times I’ve lost focus and drive for where God wants me. The above quote hit me at a great moment. I needed to have my heart reawakened to future possibilities.

He who doesn’t know his own story will always talk too much. #strengths – via @mwbuckingham

I’m a huge Marcus Buckingham fan. I’m also a fan of story. Putting the two together was important. Knowing my story makes me confident enough to speak when it’s needed and to keep my mouth shut the rest of the time.

RT @the99percent “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris // #truth via @ryanboon

Ryan is one of my favorite behind-the-scenes family ministry people. He’s a brilliant creative and all around amazing person. He turned me on to the 99 Percent blog because of this post. It’s also been quite a year of renovating and simplifying our home. This quote has come in handy when decideding between keep or donate.

High-octane ministry means doing what matters like it matters. (Roger Fields) #kidmin #cmconnect via @rogerfields

I pour myself into what I do because it matters for eternity. Roger is a master of high-octane ministry. I’m thankful we have a kidmin community where we can all learn from him. His reminder was perfect for this past year of pushing the limits of what I do in ministry.

Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~ Scott Adams – via @loswhit

I am constantly studying creativity and the creative process. Loved this quote that Los posted. It’s creative truth, but so difficult to practice. This coming year I hope to hone the skill of discernment.

Community isn’t just staring at each other in a circle, it’s standing beside each other on a mission. (via @jasonsalamun) – via @alsobrooks

My team at work has had a year of change and growth. Throughout the process of that change, I’ve seen community in action. This quote nailed it for me. Living life with people is important. Doing that while tackling a critical mission is even more so.

If you are not actively asking others how you can grow and develop as a leader and person, you’re probably not growing. – via @cnieuwhof

Carey is one of my most favorite people. From North of the boarder he’s blessed me with some killer advice on leadership and ministry. His own personal commitment to growth has inspired me to be a better leader.

Don’t worry, others want what u have – @jackalopekid

Love Adam and the way he thinks. This quote is awesome on so many levels.

I’ve been able to connect with tons of Orange Leaders today at #orange10. That’s why I come. Hands down. #fb – via @mattmckee

Orange Conference. Enough said. Seriously though, I love my kidmin friends. Matt has been a HUGE encouragement to me this year. So thankful that I have him in my corner.

@WholeLivingGal me too! Except for the check cashed part–sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to a big chunk o $ but US ctzship is priceless. – via @jnascott

One of the highlights of our year was welcoming Taye as an official US citizen. Our adoption process for Taye is absolutely complete. We’re so blessed.

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