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Is Your Church Raising Mean Kids?

Recently the British news outlet The Guardian published an article that wasn’t great news for those of us in church children’s ministry. The title: “Religious children are meaner than their secular counterpart, study finds.” The research, conducted for the scientific journal Current Biology, surveyed around 1200 children raging in age from 5 – 12 with both […]

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10 Ministry Observations from Orange Tour

  For the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to travel with the Orange Tour where I’ve enjoyed the chance to speak to ministry leaders all over the country. Week in and week out, these men and women are killing it out there in the trenches. As I’ve gotten to know them and hear […]

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5 Ways to Get Kids Excited About the Bible

Post originally featured on OneHope‘s Undeterred blog, August 2014. Getting kids to engage in the Bible can be pretty daunting. We’re competing with Minecraft, Disney XD, and Junie B. Jones; so what can we do to get kids excited about a book that’s thousands of years old? Here are five ideas to get you started: 1. […]

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King David, Creativity, and Our Kids

As I’ve been thinking about how to talk with kids about creativity – using your imagination to do something unique— I came back to one of the most popular characters in the Bible, David. His life personified creativity, and he often found himself applying those unique approaches to situations he found himself in. Even in the last […]

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Parenting Middle Schoolers: We’re Always Learning

Ever been talking with a spouse or friend and realize, “Hooray! We’ve finally mastered the art of raising an elementary school child!” only to wake up the next morning and discover that the rules have changed? Yeah. Me too. That’s why I’ve been talking about characteristics of middle schoolers and strategies for helping them (and […]

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KidMin | Pathway to Public Schools

In the US, we have some staggering statistics about our public schools: Kids in Public Schools: 50.1 Million Kids will attend a US public school this year at 99,000 schools Bullying: 160,000 kids miss school every day out of a fear of being bullied 71% of kids in the US report that bullying is a […]

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Orange Conference 2014

Hard to believe that this time next week, 6000 church leaders will gather in Atlanta for the SOLD OUT The Orange Conference.  For many, this is like coming home for a giant family reunion. I can’t wait to see old friends and new, hear about life and ministry in the trenches. I will be around all week […]

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