Five Questions for Evaluating Storytellers

If you’re not regularly evaluating your large group volunteers, you’re missing out on a simple and healthy way to celebrate what’s working and tweak what needs improvement. We’ve all been in the room when an element of the large group environment just wasn’t...
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Three Tips for Memorizing a Storytelling Script

Memorizing. This can be a dreaded word for your volunteer storytellers. But having the Bible story memorized is an important way a storyteller can help kids connect with the story. Storytellers just need the right tools to help them know the story. Unfortunately, the...
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Five Types of Events for Children’s Ministry

When it comes to planning church events, there are two calendars battling it out. The first is the church calendar We’ve all sat in the meeting where different ministries negotiate for the prime nights of the week and the best times of year for their events. We choose...
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