Five Questions for Storytellers to Ask

Sometimes storytellers take kids for granted. After all, Bible storytelling isn’t so difficult. And they’re kids right? They follow along wherever you take them. What choice do they have? So we put anyone on stage, hand the person a Bible, and say “Go!” Truth be...
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Biblical Understanding in Children’s Ministry

Malcolm Gladwell wrote this in his NYT best seller, Blink: “The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding.” Gladwell didn’t write this statement for Bible scholars let alone church staff, Small Group Leaders, or parents. However, there is truth...
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How to Visualize Your Creativity with Storyboards

Creativity. Ideation. Brainstorming. Design Thinking. You can hardly go anywhere around the internet and not be hit with these buzzwords and ideas. And to make each of them effective, it comes down to process. Any creative endeavor needs a process, a method by which...
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