Children’s Ministry: Sunday School Teacher vs Large Group Storyteller

Many of us who grew up going to church spent our mornings in Sunday school with Sunday school teachers who prepared lessons to teach us about the Bible. The idea of Sunday school started in the 1780’s. School on Sunday came out of the Industrial Revolution and began...
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Four Phrases to Stop Saying in Salvation Messages

I recently wrote an article about Five Principles for a Salvation Message, so when I spoke recently at junior high week at camp and talks about salvation, I was acutely aware of the words and phrases I was using. When talking to kids about how they can put their faith...
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Five Principles for a Salvation Message

I’ve seen a number of blog posts, Tweets, and such that discuss how to craft a salvation message so kids will raise their hands, walk down the aisle, make a profession of faith, and accept Jesus into their hearts. I have no problem with experts sharing their best...
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Volunteer Recruitment: Part 2 – The Storytelling Team

You’ve searched for storytellers and asked a few to fill in some of your volunteers gaps, but NOW WHAT? What is the next step in volunteer recruitment? I’ve said this before: Telling the Greatest Story Ever Told deserves more than slap on the back and a “you can...
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Volunteer Recruitment – Part 1: Finding Great Storytellers

Did you know that anytime of year is a great time for storyteller recruitment? It doesn’t matter what month or season of ministry, much of our time throughout the week is spent filling in the gaps left by absentee volunteers. Why not use your volunteer gaps—to...
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